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Give your little one a head-start in life with Pingu’s English; an innovative English Language Teaching program for kids aged 3 – 8+.

Enable your child to communicate effortlessly in a language that’s spoken by over 1.5 billion people in 94 countries and non-sovereign states. Open their eyes to a whole new world of education, culture and business potential.

Find out why Pingu’s English has achieved long-term success in teaching kids how to use English in a practical, meaningful way.

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Who is Pingu?

Pingu is the star of his own award-winning animated TV show

PinguTM has been seen by over 1 billion people since he arrived on our screens since 1986. This long-term popularity means that Pingu isn’t just loved by kids, but by parents too.

Pingu is a lovable little penguin who lives in an igloo with his family at the South Pole. He’s always exploring new places and things with his friends, but looks to his family for the care and support that every child needs.

Pingu is the perfect teacher and role model

Pingu’s English has been so successful because kids can learn with Pingu, rather than just from him. In every episode, he goes on a new Antarctic adventure, discovering places that are just perfect for learning English in a way that can be used in the real world.


Why choose Pingu's English?

  • Consolidated formula

    Supported by the Linguaphone Group with 110 years heritage in language learning.

  • Creative skills

    Such as role play and art give children the opportunity to express themselves and gain confidence.

  • Solid education

    Social, Linguistic and Educational skills, not just english studies.

  • Truly interactive

    Children are always engaged with the latest educational technology.

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You can rely on The Linguaphone Group

Pingu’s English is brought to you by The Linguaphone Group. Linguaphone has spent over 115 years as the world’s leading language training provider, and will use this experience to ensure that your child can learn a skill that lasts. But, don’t just take our word for it. Read what other parents had to say.

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What is Pingu’s English?

What is the secret ingredient that makes English Language Teaching effective for kids? The answer is simple. Let them have fun while they learn.

This approach makes learning feel more like playtime, keeping both kids and teachers engaged in a colorful, energetic environment. We understand that children learn in different ways, but will find what makes them curious and teach to their strengths.

Your children will learn how to use English in situations that they might come across in real life. Rather than just learning individual words, they will gain the skills and confidence that they need to communicate confidently with whole passages of speech and writing.

To make sure children get the most possible out of our course, we provide a broad selection of resources to assist with learning at home. From homework sheets and educational videos to learning games, songs and activities, we have developed a unique set of tips for parents that will enable you to assist with the learning process regardless of your own English ability.


Obtain a broad vocabulary base to aid confident speech and listening

Develop letter recognition ability to prepare for reading and writing


Introduce classroom setting concept to help them adapt easily to full-time education

Improve co-ordination to enhance pencil control and computer learning


Establish sharing, co-operation and group learning skills within an educational setting

Enhance recognition and observational skills to enable future learning

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