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Pingu’s English, Thailand – Dr. Nipat Ungpakornkaew Master Franchisee

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Brief Timeline

Jun 2009: 1st Corporate-Owned Pingu’s English School
May 2011: 10th Pingu’s English Unit Franchise
Jun 2011: 1st Pingu’s English School Licensing Program
Aug 2013: 1st Cambridge English Young Leaners Test
Nov 2014: 5th Pingu’s English School Licensing Program
May 2015: 8th Pingu’s English School Licensing Program with 2,000 enrolments per annum in total.

What was the company’s background before becoming a Pingu’s English Master Franchisee?

  • Construction Materials and Steel Industry
  • Supply Chain, Logistics and Shipping Industry
  • Playground Equipment for Public and School Playground

How long has Pingu’s English been running in Thailand?

6 years (since 2009)

Why did you decide to invest in setting up Pingu’s English language training schools across Thailand?

  • Thailand is a country of full potential of ESL/ESOL (English as Second or Speaker of Other Languages) industry with strong demand of English for education, vocation and vacation.
  • Sizeable market of 5 million students age 3-8 years together with pools of prospects (entrepreneurs) spreading around the country looking for the “easier
    than you think to start earning from learning” model
    of business.
  • Under-performance of English teaching in public and private schools means a good chance for success of such qualified curriculum as Pingu’s English.
  • CEFR and Cambridge English’s Young Leaners’ English both conform to the requirement of Ministry of Education, Thailand.

What are the unique benefits of being a Pingu’s English Franchisee?

  • Professionally backed up by a trust-worthy partner, LG & DE, with 110+ years of expertise.
  • Brand value from effective and continuous marketing activity year-round.
  • Global scale of Research & Development of products and services suited to local market of Thailand.
  • Strong leadership of executives with competent staff for ease of operation.

What kind of support have you received as a Master Franchisee from the Linguaphone Group?

  • Effective training for all staff (academic and business, sales and operation) needed for the successful set-up of business, right from Day 1.
  • Year-round consultation with keen understanding at all levels – strategy, marketing, sales, operation, stock, etc. through all channels of communication from traditional e-mail and call to Skype and FaceTime to one-on-one and department to department.
  • Regular visits from Mr. Derek Price, CEO, are usual for the boon and bane of business.

What do you feel has been a key factor in your success?

  • Strategic products and position of the market not only for the present but also the ever-changing market to come. Pingu’s English is truly the first among others.
  • A bold vision to create and to lead the market.
  • Solidarity among key staff, LG & DE, and the customers.
  • Training and re-training of personnel to rise above the storm of market dynamic and competition.
  • Global and regional network among Master Franchise to cooperate, learn, and assist each other when needed.

What advice would you give to someone considering investing in a Pingu’s English Master Franchise?

  • As time does matter, the earlier the better for the investment of Pingu’s English Master Franchise.
  • Be prepared to change the country and the world together.

What are the key benefits to the customers of Pingu’s English?

  • Economically and effective way of learning English as a Second or Speaker of Other Languages. (ESL/ESOL)
  • Right attitude of learning at the beginning will sustain the love of learning among children thereafter and lifelong.
  • World Class test at the end, Cambridge English’s Young Learner’s English is the passport to every single school, public or private, local, international or ivy-league, around the world.

What are the plans of Pingu’s English Thailand for the year ahead?

  • Expand more Unit Franchise to provincial areas.
  • Encourage more schools to adopt Pingu’s English (school licensing program).
  • Extend to Home School segment (direct to home market).
  • Emphasize on the new bold opportunity of Pingu’s English Extended Curriculum project liaised with Kingston University.

Any other useful background / comments you may wish to include?

For your family or your country, an investment in education is not only fruitful but conscience because education is universally the equaliser of society: the window of opportunity for young learner to the quality of education with no discrimination.

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